Pet Hate #109: Noisy fridges

Ah the peace and quiet of the countryside… and the sound of a fridge in the background. Grrr!

(c) Sheila Hollingworth

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2 Responses to Pet Hate #109: Noisy fridges

  1. parlance says:

    That’s sort of reassuring, in a weird way. I’ve had a horribly noisy fridge for years and finally decided to get a new one, but of course you can’t listen to the fridge in the shop.

    And, to my dismay, it did make a noise! I thought in the thirty years since I last bought a fridge (truly!) they might have become silent. (It’s not too bad, really, compared to the old one.)

  2. I know… it’s often the only sound I can hear in what is otherwise the peaceful countryside. Almost makes you want to do away with fridges altogether!

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