Pet Hates versus Pet Peeves

When is something a Pet Hate and when is it a Pet Peeve?

I’ve been beavering away on my Pet Hates cartoon collection assuming the whole world calls life’s little irritations ‘Pet Hates’… but it seems that the Americans call them Pet Peeves. Maybe the Brits do too.

Can anyone enlighten me?


6 Responses to Pet Hates versus Pet Peeves

  1. Gillian Essex says:

    I’m a Brit (by birth) and I call them ‘pet aversions’!

    • How interesting! I’m also a Brit by birth (but came to Aus when I was nearly 6) and my parents are both Poms.. and I’ve never heard of ‘pet aversions’. You learn something every day.

  2. Linnet Good says:

    It’s always been a pet hate to me. Peeves is American.

  3. J R says:

    Also a Brit by birth. I try very hard not to hate anyone or anything, but I do get very peeved from time to time. Also It’s Alliterative.

  4. daffodiljill says:

    dunno how I stumbled on this post but I’m American (from Colorado) and I’ve always heard pet peeves…never pet hates until I read this

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