It’s been a while!

Thank you to everyone who continues to drop by my blog, to see and enjoy my cartoons, even though I haven’t done any new ones for a while. There’s still 567 to choose from and it remains my intention to get back to drawing more some day. I have plenty of ideas written down – I think I just suffered from blogger’s fatigue and have headed off on other life projects for some time now.

But the Pet Hates and Pet Peeves themes will forever remain close to my heart (and art!) and I remain encouraged by all the new ‘hits’ and ‘views’ my cartoons are getting.

So thank you!


4 Responses to It’s been a while!

  1. parlance says:

    It sure has been a while. I hope you’ve been enjoying the other things you’ve been doing.

  2. Margaret McCarthy says:

    Congratulations on going so far with these witty and entertaining pet cartoons. I enjoyed their appearances in my inbox. You are certainly very talented, Sheila. Good luck with your new ventures – I hope we get to see them one day!

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