Pet Hate #562: Passive language tricks

January 1, 2012
cartoon bird

(c) Sheila Hollingworth


More breakages!

October 13, 2011

My travel plans have changed and so I now won’t be posting again until the start of 2012. It’s actually quite refreshing to have a break after such a long period of pet-peeving, but I’m sure I’ll get stuck back into them once I get back!

In the meantime, feel free to search your favourite categories (using the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen), and stay happy!

(c) Sheila Hollingworth



Time for a break!

July 16, 2011

I’m going to be travelling for a while so will post my next pet hate or pet peeve on September 1st 2011. I hope you’ll come back then!



Pet Hate #561: Copyright thieves

July 15, 2011
cartoon spiders

(c) Sheila Hollingworth

Pet Peeve #560: Pay disputes

July 14, 2011
cartoon horse

(c) Sheila Hollingworth

Pet Hate #559: Tidy euphemisms

July 13, 2011
cartoon sheep and pig

(c) Sheila Hollingworth

Pet Peeve #558: Professional snobbery

July 12, 2011
cartoon chicken

(c) Sheila Hollingworth